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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions from our customers

Our responses to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our residential fencing items from our customers appear below.

If you do not find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.

Currently, we are unable to accept direct customer orders, but we are happy to help you find a retail partner to assist you with your purchase.

We offer 3 different aluminum styles, as well as the Euro Steel fence. At this time, all fences are powder coated in Black.

Any of the IronCraft gate styles can be installed in pairs of two, meeting in the middle, to create a drive gate. Additional parts, including a drop rod and drive gate latch are recommended and available for purchase separately.

IronCraft gates do not support automatic openers.

Custom sizing is not currently available, however any of the 6ft-wide IronCraft fence panels can be cut to shorter widths using a reciprocating saw, a metal cutting blade, or handheld metal cutting hack saw. We recommend using IronCraft touch-up paint (model #833737) to touch-up any scratches that may have occurred after cutting the panel to avoid any possible powder coating chipping.

Racking is a feature that allows your fencing system to accommodate slopes and inclines. The panel rails adjust to follow the slope of the land while the pickets remain plumb and vertical, so there isn’t a gap between the fence and the ground.

All IronCraft aluminum fence styles are designed to be able to rack to a rise or fall of 26″ over the 6-foot width of the panel (or 22° degrees.) Our Euro steel fence panel styles are not able to rack but may be installed in a stepped method, detailed in the “How to Assemble – Euro Fence Assembly Instructions.”

There is not a bracket to attach the IronCraft aluminum fence posts to the panels. The panels attach to the posts by sliding the panel into the pre-cut holes in the posts and are secured with self-tapping screws. The self-tapping screws are included with each post. The Euro Steel panels are secured to the post using Euro Clip Kits (model #383328SOS.) These kits include butterfly clips, which hold the panel grid in position, secured with nuts and bolts threaded directly through the post.

The IronCraft aluminum fence panels can be secured to any vertical surface at a 90° or 180° position using standard Wall Mounts (model #833731.) For angled installation, other than 90° or 180°, you may use Adjustable Wall Mounts (model #833729.) Both mount accessories are sold separately. To secure the Euro Steel fencing to vertical structures, additional Euro Clip Kits (model #383328SOS) may be purchased separately.

*Please note, 3rd party, material-specific screws may be needed for proper installation.

The IronCraft Aluminum and Euro Steel fence models are designed to be set at least 24” in concrete. If you are installing on top of a hard surface, such as pavement or decking, the aluminum posts can be cut to the appropriate height and secured using the IronCraft Deck Mounts (model #833733.) To install the Euro posts on a hard surface, you will need to purchase the flange-based post – no post cutting will be required.

*Please note, 3rd party, material-specific screws may be needed for proper installation.

Yes, both the IronCraft aluminum and Euro Steel fencing can be installed in a curved position. The aluminum fencing will use adjustable wall mounts (model #833729) to angle each panel in the direction of the turn. The Euro Steel fencing does not require additional hardware, as panel placement is determined by the placement of the next post in your run. Depending on the intensity of the curve, panel width may need to be cut down to accomplish a tighter turn.

While we do not offer installation services, you may reach out to our retail partners for installation support or contractor suggestions. IronCraft does not have a list of preferred installers on national level.

Most Iron Craft fences meet national pool codes (excluding the 4ft Berkshire model.) Please check with your neighborhood, county, city, or municipal codes to ensure compliance with local ordinances. If permitting is required, always obtain a permit before ordering fencing.

Each IronCraft fence panel is sold individually and does not include additional hardware. Each post is sold individually, including the hardware needed for panel installation and a flat post cap. Each gate is sold individually and includes a standard gravity latch and two hinges. 3rd party gate hardware may be needed for various application methods.

Aluminum – The line posts are used between panels to create a straight linear run. Corner posts allow for 90° turns in the fencing run. End/Gate posts are utilized to start and stop fencing runs, as well as on either side of a gate. Posts heights and styles are not interchangeable.

Euro – The Euro steel posts are universal in use, meaning they can be used for any application, including line, corner, or end/gate post. The two options for Euro post include: In-Ground cement-mounted posts or surface-mounted flanged styled posts. Posts heights and styles are not interchangeable.

For all general specifications, please review the following documents:

IronCraft Aluminum Fence Specifications

IronCraft Euro Steel Fence Specifications

For all additional product specifications, please reach out to us via live chat or email us at

The Limited Lifetime Warranty on our aluminum fence and the 10-year Euro Steel warranties are both designed to protect you from defects in manufacturing or materials over the term of the warranty. They also warrant the powder coating against peeling, chipping, cracking, blistering, or flaking.

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